Friday, May 20, 2005

Salazar Confirms That He Will Waffle on Campaign Pledge

Salazar at press conference with liberal democrats Reid & Pelosi 5/18:

SALAZAR: Thank you, Senator Reid and thank you Representative Pelosi. I came to Washington only a few short months ago, and I came here to work on the business of the people.

And the business of the people is about making their lives better. It's about working on energy that gets us to energy independence. It's about addressing the fundamental issue of health care which is bankrupting America's businesses and America's families. It's about making sure that we are creating jobs and having an economy that works for everybody. It's about addressing the pension deficit that we face across the country, and about making sure that we create a safer homeland and a safer world.

And yet what I have found in Washington in the last four months is that this has become very much an atmosphere of poison, which is typified by an abuse of power that is being led by those in control. It is an abuse of power because those who would want to transform our democracy are trying to transform it into essentially a dictatorship.

Today, Republicans control the White House. They control the House of Representatives. They control the United States Senate. They control seven members of the United States Supreme Court. And yet that is not enough.

They are not comfortable. They are not comfortable with having that kind of power in their hands. They want to have 100 percent of the power in their hands, and that is not the American way.

And that's why I'm so proud of the leadership of Senator Reid and my colleagues, both in the Senate and in the House, who have stood up against this abuse of power and breaking the rules that the nuclear option would essentially necessitate.

And let me just say a word about that: Let there be no doubt in anybody's mind. When you read the rules of the Senate, the nuclear option being proposed by Majority Leader Frist is breaking the rules of the Senate which have been in place for over 200 years.

(APPLAUSE) There is a way to change those rules, and that's set forth in the rules of the Senate as well, but they have chosen not to follow the rules. Instead, they have chosen to go around those rules in a backhanded way, to bring about what will be the greatest change in the history of the United States Senate.

And so I am proud to stand here with Senator Reid and my colleagues in the Senate, my colleagues in the House of Representatives, saying that we are absolutely opposed to the nuclear option.

Salazar Gets US History Very Wrong

Text of speech to Metro State's Graduation last weekend:

“I recently came across a letter written by Thomas Jefferson; a letter that he wrote in 1785. Jefferson is an author of the Constitution, and our third President, was a proponent of the doctrine of Republicanism.

Jefferson believed that the strength of a Democracy depended upon citizen participation and the public life of their community.

Jefferson’s model citizen was a farmer. A man invested in a place in which he lives.

In his letter, Thomas Jefferson writes, ‘cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous. And they are tied to their country.’”

In fact, Senator Salazar, Thomas Jefferson wasn't even in the country during the writing of the United States Constitution.


James Madison, "the father of the Constitution," was the first to arrive in Philadelphia for the Constitutional Convention. He arrived in February, three months before the convention began, bearing the blueprint for the new Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson did not sign the Constitution. He was in France during the convention, where he served as the U.S. minister.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Second Salazar Waffles Breakfast Huge Success

We had a huge turnout for our Waffle Breakfast Sunday morning in downtown Denver. Twenty folks, from Douglas, Arapahoe, Denver and Adams Counties, gathered to chat with Ken Salazar about his position on “up-or-down votes” for President Bush’s judicial nominees.

Ken didn’t show – in spite of the fact that we had a plate a waffles waiting for him.

Between the waffles and pork (sausage), we spent nearly two hours debating why Ken would change his mind – or if he ever intended, in the first place – to oppose the filibuster. And we discussed why Ken would chose to attack an organization like Focus on the Family – though we could never come up with a reasonable answer.

Even in Denver – people are talking about the “antichrist” thing.

(The International House of Pancakes was a terrific venue – they kept the coffee coming and even comp.’ed Salazar’s Waffle plate for us.)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Salazar & Supporters Still Calling Names

It's not just "The Anti-Christ" anymore, now Salazar's supporters are calling people of faith different names ...

"Religious groups critical of Sen. Ken Salazar's support of the Senate filibuster for judges were denounced Tuesday by clergy and political leaders as crackpots, American Taliban and the Gestapo. "

Apparently Salazar has set an example for resorting to name calling that his supporters have followed.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Beware the anti-Christ!

Check out this great article by Tyler Wittman in the Rocky Mountain Collegian:

Beware the anti-Christ: Democrats inconsistent in efforts to block judges

Friday, May 06, 2005

"You want a piece of this?" - Jon Caldera

First Breakfast Overview

We had a great first Salazar Waffle Breakfast this morning in Fountain at the Biscuit Cafe. Jim, George and John were joined by their new friends, Howard and Jim from Denver. Howard and Jim are truck drivers who compared Senator Salazar with their union president, both have made campaign promises they didn't keep.

We invited Sen. Salazar and even ordered him a waffle, but he was a no show.

Our $3.99 waffles were a bit pricey, but the service was great (ask for Pam when you visit Biscuit Cafe for great service).

First Salazar Waffle Breakfast Today

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Citizens invite Salazar to "waffle" meeting El Paso County Republicans say senator is betraying campaign promises

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Colorado Springs Republicans are accusing Democrat Senator Ken Salazar of abandoning a key campaign promise regarding judicial nominees and they have asked Salazar to join them for breakfast tomorrow morning. Attendees plan on ordering waffles to press their point that Salazar has waffled on a major campaign pledge.Party vice-chairman George Culpepper says he and other local residents have invited Salazar to join them at the Biscuit Café on 1103 South Sante Fe in Fountain, CO to explain why he has switched his position on whether President George W. Bush's judicial nominees should receive full consideration by the US Senate.

Prior to his election in 2004, Salazar pledged to help ensure a Senate vote for every judge. The senator reinforced his position weeks before being sworn in as Colorado's junior senator. " Now he says he plans to join the obstructionists in the Senate who refuse to give judges a simple up-or-down vote," said Culpepper. "Salazar campaigned as a conservative, but now, after only a couple months in Washington, he is behaving like an extremely partisan liberal."

Salazar plans to be in the area later in the day for a visit to a school, so Republicans have suggested the senator come a little earlier to discuss his flip flop. Culpepper says anyone may attend the morning gathering.

Regardless of whether Salazar accepts the invitation, the group plans to meet to discuss the Senate confirmation of judges and to write letters to Congress urging adoption of a Senate rule allowing a majority of senators to confirm presidential appointments to the federal bench.

The "Ken Salazar waffle meeting" will begin at 7:30AM at BiscuitCafé, 1103 S. Sante Fe, Fountain, CO. Information about theSalazar's multiple positions on the topic of judicial nominations is available on the internet at